March 16, 2017

Thank You Mama – Single!

Remember the depth and soulfulness of Mahalia Jackson, or the sheer magic of the songs of the Staple singers? Well Meet Sherrie Lyn Crisp. This is not to imply that this sweet singing songstress is some bargain basement imitation, instead she will pleasantly remind you of the powerful presentations made by these giants of gospel music. If you want to Know more about Jesus, take time to listen to these touching and moving messages in song.

Sherrie Crisp began her musical journey at the tender age of 14 years old when Crisp performed her first composition in concert in Los Angeles, California.  Sherrie Lyn’s smooth delivery is laid-back yet delightfully soulful.  “Thank You Mama” is the single released for your enjoyment and it truly communicates a heart-felt passion for the Lord Jesus Crist.