July 14, 2016


Herman Smith

Happy Holidays! by Herman Smith     Digital CD Download - $8.96

Herman Smith offers a new distinctive sound to traditional Holiday Classics. Herman Smith is a Whistler extraordinaire.  He performs varied selections of Holiday Classics from Silent Night, Holy Night, Jingle Bells to Auld Lang Syne. As you listen, your mind will absorb Herman's flawless intonation in a pure and exquisite whistling voice. His unique approach to the Classics is inspiring and evokes the joyous spirit of Christmas and the New Years celebration!

Born in the grand state of Arkansas, Herman discovered his gift of whistling at a young age. Working in the cotton fields from sun up till sundown, Herman developed his craft by whistling along with the birds and mimicking the wind as it whistled through the trees. This experience leads him to compete in worldwide whistling competitions as well as recording this very unique album. I present to you: the worlds' greatest living whistler Herman Smith.


1. Jingle Bells...2.21
2. Auld Lang Syne...4:59
3. Joy To The World...3:25
4. The Christmas Song...3:26
5. Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer...3:52
6. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear...2:38
7. Here Comes Santa Claus...3:31
8. Silent Night, Holy Night...4:07

Sherrie Lyn Crisp

Songs for Moma! by Sherrie Lyn Crisp     Digital CD Download - $8.96

Remember the depth and soulfulness of Mahalia Jackson or the sheer magic of the songs of the Staple Singers? Well, Meet Sherrie Lyn Crisp. This is not to imply that this sweet singing songstress is some bargain basement imitation, instead, she will pleasantly remind you of the powerful presentations made by these giants of gospel music. If you want to know more about Jesus, take time to listen to these touching and moving messages in song.

Born and raised in the state of Texas in a spiritual environment, Sherrie, of course, began singing in church as did so many of our great singers. Later after moving to Los Angeles, Sherrie married and has raised two very talented Daughters who also appear on this album. Five of the eight songs on this album are Sherrie's original compositions. She is a prolific writer and has learned to master the piano and participated in the production also the arrangements in these recordings. Check out "Do you know Jesus", and "Jesus turned my life around". You will be blessed.

1. Thank You Mama...4:28
2. Got To Get My Praise On...4:14
3. God Is A Good God...6:21
4. Stand Up For Jesus...4:33
5. Do You Really Know Jesus?...4:35
6. Thank You Lord...5:38
7. Amazing Grace...4:18
8. Jesus Turned My Life Around...3:04

Sherrie Lyn Crisp

Jesus Turned My Life Around! by Sherrie Lyn Crisp    Digital CD Download - $8.96

Sherrie Crisp began her musical journey at the tender age of 14 years old when Crisp performed her first composition in concert in Los Angeles, California.  Sherrie Lyn’s smooth delivery is laid-back yet delightfully soulful.  "Stand up for Jesus," the first cut on this album, communicates a heartfelt passion for the Lord Jesus Christ.

With today's twenty-first century contemporary gospel music. Crisp’s compositions:“Do You Really Know Jesus?”; “Jesus Turned My Life Around” are additional examples of Crisp’s spiritual testimony. Sherie Lynn's entire 10-song album pays tribute to the greatness of the Almighty God from a deep personal place.

1. Stand Up For Jesus...4:34
2. Jesus Turned My Life Around...3:02
3. Do You Really Know Jesus?...4:33
4. Thank You Lord...5:38
5. Come Holy Sprit...6:37
6. An Awesome God...4:55
7. Amazing Grace...4:21
8. Friends...3:46
9. The Ultimate Lord...4:19
10. In A Simple Way I Love You...2:39