Based upon the scripture that reads-“It is the anointing that destroys the yoke” (Isaiah 10:27). It is our mission to offer anointed music that will not only satisfy the senses, but will also provide that “word in due season” as well. In addition we will offer music that will uplift, encourage and inform you of the abundant life that is offered by the word of God thru his Son Jesus Christ. To summarize, when you really need a word from the Lord, log onto “Florence Bros. Gospel Music”. Our mission is to provide a meeting place for artists to support one another. To Provide an online store to distribute and sell Christian and Inspirational music in order to generate more activity in gospel music industry.

What Time Is it?

If the question was asked, “what time is it?” The answer would have to be, it’s GOSPEL MUSIC TIME! That is what the Florence Brothers music is all about. Gospel music at it’s BEST is here for the world to access. From Old School Gospel Music to New School Contemporary Gospel Music, the Florence Brothers have it all.

This music is truly what makes my days worth living. It also gives me the inspiration that I need to move on up a little bit higher. Thank you Florence Brothers for your contribution to the art of Gospel Music.

This is the site to bookmark if you are interested in GREAT Gospel Music. If you need PRODUCTION TRACKS or simply a nice track, be sure to contact us, the Florence Brothers. We promise to make it worth your while.

Who Is Alsie Florence?

Al Florence has been in and around the industry for many years and have gained great knowledge in the art of music production. His heart and professional skills are second to none. Be sure to contact the Florence Brothers for all of your Gospel Music needs. We are waiting to hear from you!

Gospel Music for All Generations

Black gospel music, often called gospel music or gospel, is a genre of African-American Christian music. It is rooted in the conversion of enslaved Africans to Christianity, both during and after the trans-atlantic slave trade, starting with work songs sung in the fields and, later, with religious songs sung in various church settings, later classified as Negro Spirituals (which shaped much of traditional Black gospel).


J Davis, Precision AudioSonics

I have known Al for many years, we have worked together on many projects. Al is a man of high integrity and professionalism, also he has a very good ear. Mr Florence has many years experience in all aspects of film sound, music recording, and front of the house public address work as well. I can personally endorse Al in these areas because of our various collaborations. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

E Patterson, Kon Kord Records

I am Estus Patterson/aka E. Z Patterson artist and CEO Kon-Kord Records 36years. I have known Al Florence for about 10 years, we belong to the same church body. Bro Al Florence is a great song writer /producer and engineer and a good man to work with. He is very serious about his craft, he also worked in the film Industry for many years. I would highly recommend his services. For more information I would be available upon Request .

J, Sparks, Media Composer

My name is Jay Sparks and I am the creative director here at Palmdale Music Academy. I have known Mr. Al for several years now, and he has always proven himself to be a gentleman and a scholar. I absolutely love working with him. The best by far.

K. Traylor, Ministry Affiliate

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The Florence Bros. Mission

Our mission is to provide a meeting place for artists to support artists, and also where inidviduals can locate amazing ole’ school Gospel Perals.

These audsio clips are provided to allow you the opportunity to hear our music, and to preview songs that you might want to purchase that you can not purchase anywhere else.

Bow Down - Alise Florence
It's Alright to Celebrate - Alise Florence
Thank You Moma - Sherrie Lyn Crisp
Stand For Jesus - Sherrie Lyn Crisp
Auld Lang Syne - Herman Smith

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